Visual Maths

‘Visual Maths™ has made a tremendous impact on the teaching and learning of Mathematics at Topcliffe School. This year 94% of our mainstream Year 6 children were working at Level 4b+ and 34% of them were working at Level 5. We have implemented the Visual Maths™ approach throughout Key Stage 2 and expect to be using it throughout the school by January. I would highly recommend Visual Maths™ to anyone who wants an immediate and long-term beneficial impact on not only their children’s understanding of Mathematics, but also on their confidence and enthusiasm. Children, who used to say that they couldn’t do Maths, now love Maths!’

Ian Lowe, Headteacher, Topcliffe School

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‘It is simple, easy to understand and it provides the children with tools they need to achieve and learn in Numeracy. The children are using the tools and applying them in different areas and they have gained confidence. I think Visual Maths™ is great!’

Year 6 Class Teacher, Topcliffe School

‘Simplicity! All the children have become more confident when tackling maths problems.’

Year 4 Teaching Assistant, Topcliffe School

‘This is easy. I like Maths. Can we do some more!’

Year 6 pupil, in targeted group

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