Gifted and Talented Programme 2017-2018

Our Friday Afternoon Outreach Programme for gifted and talented children in Years 5 and 6 began on 15th September. Pupils take part in workshops in Maths, English, Science, Spanish and French. Our courses, taught by enthusiastic and experienced KEHS teachers with help from our Sixth Formers, offer able pupils the chance to broaden their knowledge beyond the primary school curriculum and get a taste of secondary school life.  The work in each subject is challenging and designed to stretch each student to the best of their ability. They are also extremely enjoyable!


If you would like to register your school’s interest for next year’s programme, please contact our Teaching School Administrator, Cassandra Porteous at

Summer term outreach events

The KEHS Outreach Programme has come to the end of another exciting year. In the summer term, as well as extending our regular Friday afternoon lessons in Maths, English and Science for pupils in Years 5 and 6 due to popular demand, we have run a variety of workshops for primary schools:

One Day Film School

On Thursday 15th June we welcomed 75 students from 8 local schools to the state of the art Ruddock Performing Arts Centre for the One Day Film School. A new addition to our outreach programme this year, the day provided an opportunity for children to learn about screenwriting and filmmaking, and they were even able to practise some fight choreography. They then spent the afternoon planning and shooting their own 10-shot silent films in groups, which were shown on the big screen in the Ruddock Hall. The winning group was awarded an Oscar to take back to their school, and all the schools were provided with a copy of their short film to show to the rest of their class!

Summer Challenge

On Monday 26th June, we hosted our annual Summer Challenge Workshop where almost 100 children from local primary schools attended lessons in English, Maths, Science, Spanish and Drama. The aim of the ’taster lessons’ was to inspire and enthuse the children, with exciting activities such as African Drumming in English, a treasure hunt and code breaking in Maths, an experiment involving woodlice in Science, authentic churros con chocolate in Spanish and working with masks in Drama!

Shakespeare Festival

On Friday 7th July, we welcomed back the Young Shakespeare Company for the Shakespeare Festival. The day consisted of two workshops, with 120 children from 8 different schools attending. This year, they worked on Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night– re-enacting the play with no prior knowledge of the storyline. One teacher commented: ‘some of our children struggle with self-confidence but actively participated and really enjoyed themselves.’

We have worked with approximately 40 local primary schools this year and have thoroughly enjoyed welcoming each and every one of them through our doors. Our programme for the next academic year (2017-18) will be released early in September. Please do contact if your school would like to be involved.

Have a lovely summer break!

Gifted and Talented Programme 2016-17

We have now come to the end of our 16-week programme for Gifted and Talented children in Years 5 & 6. Since September we have welcomed over 70 children from 7 different schools on Friday afternoons for classes in Maths, English, Science and Spanish. These are just some of the exciting things the children have been up to in their lessons:

Maths – Treasure hunts on the field; murder mystery ‘coding’; card tricks and a visit to the University of Birmingham’s Lapworth Museum of Geology!

Science – Various lab-based experiments including looking for insects in leaf litter; dissecting owl pellets; investigating air resistance using dandelion parachutes; investigating whether woodlice prefer the light or dark and even making wormeries!

Spanish – Singing and learning about Hispanic cultural topics such as the Day of the Dead, making ‘Calaveras’ (Mexican skulls), learning the days of the week, months, colours, numbers, food etc. with lots of treats!

English – Word games, poetry and creative writing

If you would like to register your school’s interest for our sessions in 2017-2018, please do not hesitate to get in touch at We will also be putting on some additional classes in the summer term; plea se contact the email address above for further information.

Creative Writing Workshop

On Thursday 16th February, screenwriter and film director Mike Carter returned to KEHS to host the annual Creative Writing workshops for primary school pupils across Birmingham. Both the morning and afternoon workshops were completely booked up, with 200 children from 14 different schools attending across the two workshops. Mike had the children gripped from the beginning of the session with his fascinating storytelling, and inspired children to produce their own short stories using ‘What If…?’ scenarios. One pupil from each school had the opportunity to share their story with the group at the end, and the results were fantastic!

Our Creative Writing workshops are always extremely popular and once again we received excellent feedback with teachers commenting:

‘An inspirational workshop with great tips on how to start a story’

‘It got the children thinking outside of their comfort zone’

‘Storytelling rather than a focus on SPAG was very refreshing!’

‘I attended last year and have used the ‘What if…?’ strategy with my Year 6 class – it helped those struggle who initially struggle to get started. Have used it on numerous occasions since!’

‘The children were really engaged – most are EAL but they thoroughly enjoyed it and the tips for writing were delivered in a memorable way. The children loved meeting a real writer and really enjoyed the freedom of writing what they wanted!’

‘Excellent session – our second time at the Creative Writing workshop – it has a valuable place in the curriculum.’

Robotics and Puppetry Workshops

On Friday 10th February we welcomed Year 6 pupils from a local primary school as part of an Enrichment day jointly hosted with KES. The boys and girls enjoyed a Robotics workshop delivered by Head of Digital Learning Dr Chatwin where they worked with Lego robots with the help of some of our Lower 5th girls, learning to program the robots to make them move with the use of computer software. They also attended a Puppetry and Mask workshop with Director of Drama Miss Proops where they did some excellent improvisation using emotion masks and puppets made from watering cans, cartons and other household items!

Physics Roadshow

On Friday 3rd February, we welcomed a class of Year 5 children from a local primary school as part of an Enrichment Day jointly hosted with our neighbouring school, KES. The day was designed to give the children an idea of what secondary school is like, and the boys and girls enjoyed an hour of exciting science demonstrations in the Physics Roadshow, which was organised by Physics teacher Miss Platt and her A-level physicists. The session included giant bubbles, LED light tricks, bunsen burners, smoke rings and lots of liquid nitrogen, and the A-level Physics students explained the science behind their demonstrations. At the end of the day, the children went back home enthused and inspired! The Year 5 teacher who accompanied the class said this about the day: I’d like to say a massive thank you from all the Year 5 students. They thoroughly enjoyed all the lessons that they took part in and they all thought the trebuchet and musket firing session were particularly memorable. The sixth form girls put on a brilliant Science lesson and they were very professional in their delivery.”

Autumn Challenge and Film Technology Workshops

We welcomed almost 100 children from six different primary schools across Birmingham to our Autumn Challenge Workshop in November. Talented children from Years 5 and 6 came to KEHS to follow Maths, English and Science classes with some of our teachers. This was a great opportunity for the children to broaden their knowledge outside of the primary curriculum and get a taste of what secondary school is like. The classes included activities such as poetry writing in English, cracking codes in Maths and investigating a crime scene in Science.

Also in November, we hosted a number of primary schools for a Film Technology Workshop, with a morning and an afternoon session. This workshop was led by a professional photographer from the company Imaging Partnership and it was aimed at improving literacy skills through the medium of film. The children enjoyed working together to create a storyboard for a film trailer and a poster to advertise a film based on an excerpt of Lewis Caroll’s Alice in Wonderland.

In addition to these workshops, our weekly Gifted and Talented classes have continued to take place on Friday afternoons with seven primary schools attending classes in Maths, English, Science and Spanish. The schools will go onto their third block after the Christmas break.

Weekly Gifted and Talented Classes

This year there are seven primary schools from across Birmingham taking part in our weekly Primary Outreach classes which are held on Friday afternoons at KEHS. Gifted and Talented children in Years 5 and 6 spend four weeks following Maths, English, Science and Spanish classes. They are taught by specialist KEHS teachers with the help of some of our Sixth formers. After four weeks, the groups rotate to complete all the courses over the academic year. The classes are a lot of fun – recent activities have included:

  • A treasure hunt, a murder mystery and card tricks in Maths classes
  • Various lab-based experiments in Science classes including looking for insects in leaf litter and dissecting owl pellets
  • Singing and learning about Hispanic culture such as the Day of the Dead in Spanish classes
  • Word games and poetry writing in English classes

We hope the children have enjoyed themselves and learned lots of new things, as well as gaining a little insight into life at secondary school!

If you would like to register your school’s interest for our sessions in 2017-2018, please do not hesitate to get in touch at

Summer Term Creative Writing Workshop

After the success of our Spring Term Creative Writing Workshop, we decided to invite screenwriter and film director Mike Carter back to KEHS at the end of the Summer Term to host another workshop for local primary school pupils . Throughout the day, Mike worked with pupils from Hillstone Primary School, Westminster Primary School, Oratory R.C. Primary School, Yardley Wood Primary School, Billesley Primary School, Timberley Academy and St Alphege CE Junior School to create their very own piece of writing, eventually producing some fantastic short stories.

Once again, we received very positive feedback from all the schools involved, with teachers commenting:

-“Mike was super in engaging the children right from the start!”

-“Giving the children the opportunity to work with a ‘real’ writer had a HUGE impact.”

-“Some children even said they want to become authors now!”

-“The workshop was informative and gave the children lots of ideas for writing.”

-“Really good pace to the session – this kept the children engaged throughout and always wanting more.”

– “Really inspiring for the children.”


Shakespeare Festival Workshops

On 26th June and 6th July, we were fortunate enough to welcome the Young Shakespeare Company from London to KEHS to host our annual Shakespeare Festival Workshops. Throughout the sessions, pupils from Norfolk House School, Mayfield Preparatory School, Timberley Academy, Billesley Primary School, Our Lady’s Primary School and St George’s School took part in a drama workshop, where they reenacted one of Shakespeare’s most famous comedies,  A Midsummer Night’s Dream. What can seem like a very daunting and difficult collection of literature was made easily accessible and very interesting. The children were very engaged from the start and taking on active roles meant that it was interactive and more real so that they could begin to grasp the story more effectively.

We received a lot of positive feedback from the schools involved, with teachers commenting:

-“The Shakespeare content was pitched well so that the children were engaged and could understand the story without being overwhelmed by the language differences.”

-“Children enjoyed taking part in the drama element and had fun getting involved with the songs and actions.”

-“A fantastic way of portraying Shakespeare in a way that the children could understand!”

-“The workshop was absolutely fabulous! The children (and staff) were thoroughly engaged and entertained throughout the 2 hours!”

-“All children joined in and the interactive nature was perfect for the age of the children.”

We look forward to hosting future gifted and talented workshops next academic year!